Technohull’s 38 Grand Sport clocks 103 knots

The 38 Grand Sport, the fastest boat to be designed by Greek RIB builder Technohull, is due to hit the water soon.

Pre-production models reached a lightning-fast top speed of 103 knots – equivalent to 118mph

During testing in 2018, pre-production models reached a lightning-fast top speed of 103 knots – equivalent to 118mph. The yard attributes the speed to the RIB’s Dynastream hull design and its powerful motors.

Developed over five years by Technohull’s naval architects, the 38 Grand Sport features a “hyper-ventilated” hull shape, tested at the Davidson Laboratory in New Jersey. As a result, the yard says, the 38 Grand Sport should be 10-15 per cent more efficient than any other Technohull products.

“What’s more, the super deep-V hull form gives the 38 Grand Sport true offshore capabilities,” the yard said. “It deflects spray in even a heavy seaway and makes light of tough conditions.”

Power is provided by two Mercury Verado motors of 300, 350, 400, or 450hp on the notched transom of the 38 Grand Sport. In the super sport version, three 450hp motors offer even more speed. Maximum range is expected to be 220 nautical miles.

Despite its speed, comfort hasn’t been neglected. Features include sunpads, shock-mitigating bucket seats, and an optional bow cabin. The boat will be available in both open console or hardtop versions, and customisation requests can be integrated.

With several units of the model now reaching the moulding stage; customers can expect the 38 Grand Sport to be available for purchase within the next few months.