The luxury yacht Donald Trump almost owned

Designed to be the “largest and most beautiful yacht in the world”, Trump Princess was created by the Spanish firm Oliver Design for tycoon Donald Trump, but it was never built. The design company however kept the renders and you can see them all here.

Nearly 24 years ago and before becoming President of the United States, business tycoon Donald Trump commissioned a small Spanish naval design firm to create the “largest and most beautiful yacht in the world”.

The lavish 420-foot Trump Princess was eventually shelved by the businessman.

Oliver Design kept the renders and have now released them, along with the story of how the firm’s founder, Jaime Oliver and his son, Iñigo designed a ship for one of the world’s richest men.

A small, fledgling company in the 1990s, Oliver Design decided to set up its pitch at one of the world’s leading shipping fairs, the Florida Boat Show.

There, to the astonishment of Oliver, they were visited by the personal assistant of Donald Trump.

It transpired that the real estate mogul had undergone a private viewing of the exhibition and had picked Oliver Design as the best candidate to design his new yacht.

Donald Trump wrote to Oliver in March 1993, clearly outlining what he wanted.

“As you are aware, I am interested in building a 420’ yacht which, when completed, will be not only the largest yacht in the world, but at the same time, the most beautiful,” he said.

“Obviously, this yacht must be built to the highest yachting standards. The yacht design which you presented to me is very beautiful and indeed, I believe if build, would be great tribute to everybody involved in the project, including your country, Spain,” wrote the businessman.