The UIM Formula Future World and EC will bring together Sport, Culture, Education and Fun

Over the weekend of August 9-13, Hungary will host the UIM World and Continental Formula Future Championships at Dunaújváros. This event see some eighty one children from ten different nations engaged in four days of competitive boat handling and manoeuvring exercises for the UIM Formula Future Championships and Dolphins Cup.

Ages range from 6 to 18 years and all of the young racers consistently will demonstrate considerable skill and ability both on and off the water which is a credit to their team managers and their respective Nations. The championships opened on August 9th with the teams parading into the grounds of Dunaújváros with national flags flying.

The UIM Commissioner H. Emre Güler gave a short address and welcomed the competitors to the venue, the children then recited the Formula Future Olympic oath and the championships were declared officially open.