Torqeedo unveil Cruise 10.0 T electric outboard

More than two years ago, the Bavarian specialist in outboard and inboard electric drive systems for marine applications Torqeedo was acquired by Deutz, becoming an actual subsidiary of the Deutz Group and acting as a pillar in the e-Deutz program.

Torqeedo had a major stand indeed at the last MetsTrade in Amsterdam, introducing several solutions based on the electric technology. One of these was the tiller-steered version of popular Cruise 10.0 emission-free electric outboard, capable of ensuring 20 horsepower-equivalent motor power for commercial applications.

Propel lighter vessels at up to 30 km/h

The proven Cruise series of electric outboards dates its debut back in 2006. The launch of the climate-friendly Cruise 10.0 T rounds out the series, offering a tiller-steered option with 10 kW of emission-free power, which can propel lighter vessels at speeds up to 30 km/h. All Cruise 10.0 outboards were recently upgraded with a new, quieter gearbox, allowing users to connect even closer with nature.

Ideally powered by two Torqeedo lithium-ion batteries

The Cruise 10.0 T is prepared for commercial duty with its robust design, aluminium pylon and reinforced fin for protection against impact damage. The tiller model was designed in response to demand from the workboat, expedition cruise and eco-tourism markets.

The Cruise 10.0 T is ideally powered by two Torqeedo’s Power 48-5000 lithium-ion batteries with BMW module technology. The Power 48-5000 is in a class of its own with its combination of high energy density and long service life and can recharge in as little as two hours with a fast charger and adequate shore power.