Zero-emission operations in Fjords

A revolutionary project is commencing to achieve zero-emission operations along parts of the Norwegian coastal route and the World Heritage Fjords, through the combination of batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. Norwegian Electric Systems is a front-runner in clean energy and fuel-efficient solutions, and partner to this project.

The project, FreeC02ast, will see the largest fuel cell integrated onto a large vessel, being fed hydrogen from liquid storage, instead of compressed gas as per usual. This will become the most innovative clean coastal cruise ship in the world after the retrofit in 2023. In addition, batteries are used to store extra energy to make the system fully emission free.

Stein Ruben Larsen, vice president sales at Norwegian Electrical Systems, said,

“It’s not only exciting to build something new, but to be able to do it by integrating so many ideas to create a clean emission vessel makes it doubly so.”

Harvard Design in Norway is currently designing the large vessel for ship-owner, Havila. This construction is underway in Tersan Shipyard in Turkey.

The clean cruise ship will be a crucial benchmark for the decarbonising of the shipping industry. It is destined to cruise along the Norwegian northern coastline, and designated sensitive areas that may be subject to tough emissions.

Larsen explained, “The ability to move to a 3.2MW fuel cell that enables the vessel to sail zero emission for long distances along the coast will be a milestone within green shipping. For tourists experiencing the Norwegian coastline it means this vessel will be able to enter the country’s unique ad beautiful world heritage Fjords where vessels powered by any form of hydrocarbon that produces CO2, exhaust and other emissions will be banned from 2026”.

This project is a pinnacle movement towards cleaner seas and a zero-carbon footprint in the cruise and shipping industry, which are currently renowned for being harsh on the environment.

For more information, visit Norwegian Electrical Systems.